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Disney Humor @Alyssa Chavez for reals though that last one is me!

Disney Humor *EDIT*

He Will Never Have A Girlfriend OH GOD I WAS RIGHT! DYING

He Will Never Have A Girlfriend - Glorious Mind
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I think I left the oven on with some pillows in side, also the door to it might be open!!

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That makes me moist

makes me moist – BlackOgre Online

Joseph Ducreux - hot in here

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Sad but probably true since I'm on fucking PINTEREST and not, oh I don't know, working or something.

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.The problem with America is stupidity. I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?

Grumpy Cat Reverse Meme - Imgflip

"So i saw this in your store 8 years ago. Still have it?" *eye twitch of disgust* | Retail Robin | Meme Generator

"So i saw this in your store 8 years ago. Still h…

New employee starts off chipper and Enthusiastic Think to yourself "that won't last long!" - Retail Robin | Meme Generator

New employee starts off chipper and Enthusias…

Like complaining to any customer service person. Sorry we can't change corporate policies!!!

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Funny memes I work too damn hard to be this fucking poor • Funny memes - [I work too damn hard]

"do you work here?" no, I just find this uniform and lanyard a flattering and attractive style - Retail Robin | Meme Generator

"do you work here?" no, I just find this uniform …

What can we say? We need to relax after work SOMEHOW.

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Chewable morphine would be approved by four out of five nurses.

250 Funniest Nursing Quotes and eCards | NurseBuff

LOLest! If you havent seen these hilariously funny Kermit the Frog memes, then youve been living under a rock! Take a look and have a laugh...

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Top 20 Coffee Related Pins / Memes / Quotes


29 Signs You Ran Cross-Country In High School

More Big Bird meme

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Hard Work Meme #Thank, #You

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Funny Kevin Hart Memes (5)

10 Funny Kevin Hart Memes - NoWayGirl

GENIUS! How to fix Potholes! Haha, click for more hilarious Car Memes! #spon #GeniusLevel

So I heard you hate potholes.

My reality as of recent

Hope you’re thirsty!

Ive had days like that...

95 Funny Nursing eCards and Memes - Nurseslabs

Many of Us Have This Job. | #funny ⭐️⭐️

Keep Calm Long Sleeve - LHDC Clothing