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Free Snowman Math - Mystery Pictures

Free Snowman Math - Mystery Pictures This download includes 4 unique mystery pictures of snowman using different math skills! For younger students the hundreds chart and 120 chart are a great way to practice number sense. For older students the multiplication page helps them keep those facts fresh and the coordinate graphing page is great for following directions and stamina!Visit my blog HERE to get the download! 1-2 120 chart 3-5 graphing hundreds chart math Mrs. Thompson's Treasures…


Relieve some of the stress from the beginning of the year! These Parent Notes are a quick print so you can prep them before the school year or really fast before your students arrive for the day! 12 FREE NOTES


Looking to help build a growth mindset in your students? This interactive mini-book freebie will help you out!It is a non-editable PDF. Thank you for your interest!Check out my store! I love creating products with building growth mindset & independence in mind...Reading WorkshopWriting WorkshopMath Skills PracticeIntegrated Sight Words & Math Practice