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Digital and traditional media with a surreal, impressionistic feel. Works typically feature softer, looser strokes but still imply great depth and detail. Character pieces and portraits with similar color palettes and lighting ethics.
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personal project 2014 by shan qiao Digital Art Masters Volume 4


I really like this bonsai style tree with the Sun rising in the distance. There's a waterfall to the lower left of the canvass and a bridge.

'Chinatown' by Piotr Krężelewski

All things change in a dynamic environment.

And among all the lights, she stood still lost not knowing where to call home. The surroundings were anything but believable, surreality sunk in and she found herself wandering, feeling in need of a title. The wanderer. A girl who walked the night and kept going for years to come. She herself, to never grow up, a glimmer roaming the streets eternally.

Jacked in by vaporization (Mikk Metsniit)

Check out this awesome piece by art jopy on #DrawCrowd

Check out this awesome piece by art jopy on

oh! boy, OJO art on ArtStation at

cinemagorgeous: “ By artist Cheol Woo Jeong.

element3ds......... Click on image to enlarge...

[TJFrame fine] - scene scene concept concept - micro elements - Powered by Discuz!

Daniel Dociu

Fantastic Concept Art by Daniel Dociu this is another piece that uses one point perspective and i also like the way he has done the light and shading in the picture.

Concept art

Dead giant by jamajurabaev on DeviantArt

Deep sea chasm

underwater by claramoon. in an underwater cave!

Project nat concept art, Red Hong on ArtStation at…

Make up scene: more fog, constrasting light/shade/shadow, virbrant colors.

scene or setting inspiration ArtStation - Gate Keepers, Chris Whelan

Concept Art

11 examples of fantastic character art from Richard Anderson

Concept Art

The Hall of Games Era III

The Art Of Animation, Chris Becker

Landscape Concept Art by Ming Fan

Landscape Concept Art by Ming Fan

Digital Painting by Ming Fan: Olympus