~~ Red Cabbage by Phillip Gates ~~

Red Cabbage by Phillip Gates; Macro image of red cabbage leaves, interesting line and colour patterns created.


This is a bubble snail known as a Miniature Melo (Micromelo undata) which shares the same class (Gastropoda) as the nudibranchs.the beauty of being a bio major

Laguna Colorada is a salt lake in Bolivia that gets its red colour from the pigmentation of algae #Bolivia

Laguna Colorada is a shallow red salt lake in Bolivia with white borax islands, which gets its red colour from sediments and some algae.

Nature Balances Micro And Macro World !...Connecting Each Piece Of The Puzzle !...In Perfect Harmony As All Forces Unfold !...That´s Why All Life Is So Fragile !...© http://about.me/Samissomar  Do You Like My Poetryscapes ?... Samissomar

Nature Balances Micro And Macro Cosmos !Thus Connecting Each Piece Of The Puzzle !While Divine Perfect Harmony Surrounds Us !No Doubt Life Is Always So Beautiful .

nudibranch... some of the most colorful creatures on the planet.  This is the aptly named Chromodorid Magnifica

Chromodoris quadricolor Nudibranch See plenty in Mozambique and Sodwana, South Africa

Sunrise in Dolomites, Italy ♥ Seguici su www.reflex-mania.com

Earth Pics on

~~The Red Barrier ~ mist is forming into long stretched clouds before sunrise on the tops of the Odle range, Dolomites, Italy, by Max Rive~~

Vermillion Cliffs National Monument - Arizona, USA • “Red Dragon” by Zack Schnepf on http://500px.com/photo/4882989

Vermillion Cliffs National Monument - Arizona, USA Photo “Red Dragon” by Zack Schnepf

To them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles: which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. [Colossians 1:27]

Passion Flower Orange Mystique Orange Sparaxis White Snow and Red Berries Zinnias Passion Flowers Read

moss and lichen

Trametes versicolor - Beautiful turkey tail mushrooms and green moss. The colors of the mushrooms are amazing.