[gifset] Waving Sam. Hi! What? No, my brother didn't just pull out a gun to shoot a pigeon. We're perfectly normal. #Supernatural #DogDeanAfternoon 9.05

This is my favorite gif of Sam That gesture: "we're normal, everything's fine--my brother didn't just try to shoot a pigeon with a hand gun.

"When your friend sees a hot guy." The fact that this is Gabe and Cas is hilarious<<It gets funnier when you realize that this scene was unscripted. Misha wasn't paying attention so Richard intervened.

[gif] Oh, my gosh, this is one of the coolest gifs/pieces of fanart

Demon Dean fanart [gif] - midget-banana: "Woe unto you, ye souls depraved! Hope nevermore to look upon the heavens; I come to lead you to the other shore, To the eternal shades in heat and frost." - Inferno by Dante Alighieri

Jake Abel is so funny. And if you look at the right time, you can see Jensen's cute laugh. ;)

Poor Jake got hit multiple times with a class bottle, one of the times in his nipple and then he just touched it and it shatters. Jensen bursts out laughing. And Jake just says I'm done.


Destiel - Hands by ~TheLogicalNonsense on deviantART««««« AGAIN I don't SHIP it! But it IS a cute gif.>>> Of course you ship it, stop lying

Jared Padalecki posted his first-ever #TBT: 13 more 'Supernatural' throwbacks

Cute Destiel Kiss

My board is called Supernatural, when really it should be called: "Destiel, Destiel, and a little more Destiel." <<<this is why I have separate boards for Destiel and Supernatural

Supernatural || This was especially funny to me because at the start of the scene I was thinking, "Is he really SUMMONING Crowley?"

Brother's Keeper [gifset] - "Couldn't you call?" "You're not in my contacts list." - Crowley, Castiel, Supernatural - It's Cas. Not that hard. XD - Crowley looks so disappointed xD