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Project #GreenDorm

[ Number of pinned items on this board: 43 ] Entry for Teens Turning Green's first ever Project Green Dorm Makeover Contest: create a Pinterest board with environmentally conscious products for your ideal green dorm room or living space. contest deadline: September 3, 2012 Winners will be notified on or before September 7, 2012
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Anthropologie Wood
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Stump Desktop
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Wood Stump Calendar #anthropologie - The wood matches well with little sketchy graphics. Cute, minimal and charming. The small stump beats the typical clear plastic props. | find this at | #greendorm


Wood Stump Calendar

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Clock Promises

Digital Zen Alarm Clock - this best-selling product lets you start your day more renewed and refreshed, as it eases you out of your meditative state. Multiple reviews rave about the gentle Tibetan bell-like chimes. I like its minimal design using light, clean bamboo wood. Compared to my bulky, plastic, beaping clock, this is more appealing in every way. | found on | #greendorm



Soda Life
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"75 Extraordinary Uses for Baking Soda" by | I always hear about using baking soda for this and that - deodorant, toothpaste, cleaning, etc. But had I known it served this many purposes, I would have made it a habit start using this earlier. This will definitely keep me from having to various case-specific products. When it comes to dorm living, you learn to appreciate all the storage space you can get. #greendorm


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Bamboo All Purpose Eco Bottle - Why is this water bottle better than the rest? It works for both hot and cold beverages, and the outside is made from hand-harvested renewable bamboo, which also adds a unique look. The protected glass interior is made from recycled glass, and the screw top is made from food-grade, BPA-free plastics. I have 3-4 different types of bottles taking up space in my storage bin and this would alone would easily take their place. | | #greendorm


Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Eco & Aluminum Water Bottles

from Etsy

Valentines Day Gift Abstract Framed Art Paper Quilt Multi Colored Set of 3 Black Frames Collage Glittered Textured Red Green 9 x 12

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Abstract Framed Art Paper Quilt Multi Colored Set of by Pinoodles on Etsy - Mixing patterns, colors and textures can always turn simple layouts into lively, vivid prints. These paper quilts have a cheery boho vibe and each set is unique. Pinoodles' shop uses eco-friendly materials, upcycled and recycled when possible. Their charming decor well-demonstrate the creative recovery of scrap textiles. | find this at | #greendorm


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RARE! MID CENTURY MODERN PAUL EVANS LAMP! Gibbings Table Vtg Stiffel Wood 50's

Ecojot Notebook
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ECOJOT notebook featured on Ebay Green - not only is this handy journal built from 100% recycled post-consumer waste but also has an awesome design. I love Ecojot journals because they break the trend of boring brown cork-colored covers that come to mind when I look for earth-friendly school supplies. Now I'm more in the mood for back-to-school shopping... | find this at | #greendorm


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Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar
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Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar - ACV has to be one of the best discoveries I've made this summer. Like many others who have gone all-natural on their hair routine, I use this every day as a detangling rinse and sometimes skip the conditioner. ACV has so many different uses and benefits. I've used it on bug bites, acne, and it also helps with many cold symptoms. For no more than a few bucks, it's definitely worth it to keep one of these in stock at all times. | | #greendorm


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Large Wooden Drying Rack - I handwash so many of the delicate clothes that hang in my closet. Drying racks are so useful when you don't have a full load of laundry, or when you have to wash of an unexpected stain using the sink. With this drying rack you help conserve natural resources and reduce air pollution by air-drying your clothes. Made from unfinished pine. | found on | #greendorm



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Turquoise Silk Scarf by Under the Tamarind Tree Store - you don't always have to compromise style when going green. These silk scarfs in various colors are handmade by traditional artisans in Vietnam. Under the Tamarind Tree is an ethically sustainable trader of jewellery, accessories and homewares, promoting fair trade products. | | #greendorm


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from Whole Foods Market

Chicken Dippers Lunch

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Chicken Dippers Lunch | - sometimes I hate having leave my dorm to get food, especially when I have to go when the whole crowd hits the cafeteria. Thus every once in a while I use my leftovers from dinner to make lunch for a lazy day. This easy lunchbox meal is healthy and satisfying, and all it needs is your personal fridge to store it overnight. Just another great option to put you in the direction of zero waste habits. #greendorm


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