Short Story & Novel Assignments Formatted For Google Slides & Google Drive Sharing! 45 Assignments In Total!

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Great idea for comparing themes using short films - "The Lunch Date" and "For the Birds."

Composition Classroom: Short film theme activity

▶ The only way you will ever need to teach theme - YouTube

The only way you will ever need to teach theme

Ginger Snaps: Reading Interest Survey to use at the beginning of the year

Ginger Snaps: Long Range Plans and a Reading Interest Survey

This FREE resource will walk you through how to do shared reading with your upper grades (3rd-6th) students for 10-15 minutes daily to build fluency and comprehension skills. All you have to do is find the weekly articles. Included in the resource is a 5-day instructional plan for both nonfiction and fiction articles.

Shared Reading in the Upper Grades 5-Day Plan

Terrific way to structure extended responses to reading-- great freebie!

Teaching in Flip Flops: He Brought it Upon Himself to Visit...

Responding to Literature with Art and Technology

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Point of view - second person, first person, third person

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LOVE these ideas, seriously, LOVE, and there is a freebie too! Your students will beg to read out loud if you implement some of these awesome strategies.

5 Fun Ways to get Students Engaged in Reading Aloud

WebQuest: The Watsons Go to Birmingham-- 1963: created with Zunal WebQuest Maker - Theme

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This is one I'd actually like to try

Ravelry: anneleterme's grr....GRR......gRr.....GrR.......

5 Reader’s Theater Myths Debunked (and Tips to Make it Work in YOUR Class!) - If you've ever considered adding reader's theater to your reading block but thought it would be too much work, check out this guest post from Sarah Wiggins!

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FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE IN A MUSICAL VIDEO~ Teach hyperbole, simile, and more using these visual clips.

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This is a GREAT short video to use as you begin your poetry unit! I will show this and then challenge my class to make their own version.

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A story without words for analyzing plot or inference

15 Amazing Animated Short films

6th Grade Character Traits ELA - YouTube-You name the character traits of the characters-partner or group activity

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Kids will LOVE this. Fun video and rap about the elements of a story. Explains plot, character, conflict, setting and theme.

Simply Speech: Flocabulary!!

How to use Pixar Short Films to quickly master Plot. 10 highly engaging short films to study plot and the story elements. “Burn-E” “Day & Night” “Dug’s Special Mission” “For the Birds” “Geri’s Game” “Knick Knack” “Lifted” “Partly Cloudy” “Presto” “Tin Toy” Enjoy the Pixar Short Films Study! 1,924 Downloads so far...

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LibGuide for making Book Trailers (gold mine!)

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POINT OF VIEW~ This can be a challenging concept for some students. I like this approach. It's got an engaging race car theme, and the ideas are clearly presented.

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Best Books for Middle School :: PragmaticMom

7th Grade Reading List

FREE today and forever. This is an introductory lesson/activity/worksheet that deals with twenty common and useful English proverbs. Perfect for MS.

Introduction to Proverbs (Grades 6-9)

The Book Fairy-Goddess: Folktales, Fairytales, and Fables, Oh my!

The Book Fairy-Goddess: Folktales, Fairytales, and Fables, Oh my!

Symbolism in Wonder by RJ Palacio

Symbolism in Wonder by RJ Palacio

Symbolism lesson with short film and prezi

Symbolism Lesson with Short Film/Prezi