This set of hair picks is made of coated aluminum clock hands

Clockwork Hair Accessories

Steampunk Clock Hand Hair Picks - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS - I wonder why I haven't these posted yet? Well, since getting into Steampunk fashion(which cons

Punk EMO Distressed Buckle Fray Patch Stretch Cigarette Slim Denim Pants S/M/L

Grant Pants - I like all the belts and buckles. Would be great for a punk or goth look. This would also be the perfect Edward Scissorhands pants

My Spirit Animal is a Goth Teenager - someone PLEASE buy me this shirt! I'm a punk rock teenager.

Amethyst Crystal Skull Pendant

Personalized Photo Charms Compatible with Pandora Bracelets. Amethyst Crystal Skull Pendant---I WANT!

This outfit selection is more of what my magazine would be offering to someone who has an interest in Emo/Goth/punk style.

Swim all day, Dance all night, Fall in love, Pizza. Basically described Megan's life in 1 shirt.

5 Seconds of Summer "REJECTS" song Doodle T-shirt © Design by Euclea Tan by MXLoutfitters on Etsy (I hate the band but I love this shirt ;