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    Tracey Dalrymple
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    Tracey Dalrymple

    Tracey Dalrymple

    Enjoy reading, writing, horse riding, camping, inland fishing, walks on the beach. motorcycle riding, would love to have one. I say what I think and feel. love

    In 1946, Mrs. Andrews took this picture of her deceased daughter's gravestone in Queensland, Australia. Her daughter had been just 17 when she'd died the previous year. When the film was developed, Mrs. Andrews was shocked to see the image of an infant girl looking directly into her camera. There had been no children in the cemetery that day. Years later Australian paranormal researcher Tony Healy investigated and found the graves of two infant girls very near to Mrs. Andrews' daughter's gra...

    Hunedoara (Hunyad) Castle – Transylvania This is said to be one of the world's scariest places and the home of lengends and the evil Vladimir the Impaler.. for more on travel go to milesaroundthewor...

    Torture Museum, Amsterdam Fans of Middle Age brutality can admire the agonizing “skull cracker,” the limb-dislocating rack, and that most efficient of killing machines, the guillotine. Truly Creepy: The disturbing illustrations include one of a naked man hung from his ankles like a wishbone and being sawed in half lengthwise.

    18 of the COOLEST and scariest and most amazing waterslides in the world. This one is Summit Plummet, Florida... Oh. My. God.

    The world’s scariest forests - Hoia Baciu, Transylvania, Romania - trees grow in odd shapes, and there is a circle deep within where nothing grows, and apparitions are seen. People have been known to disappear, strange lights have been seen, and the wind seems to speak. There is always a feeling of being watched....

    coast of St. Croix aptly named "The Wall." But at a certain point, the lush corals changes into a sharp and sudden drop

    Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress, more commonly known as the Tower of London, is a historic castle on the north bank of the River Thames in central London, England. It was founded towards the end of 1066 and was used as a prison from 1100 until 1952.

    The creepiest places on the planet you can visit this October, in case you like to travel for your terror.

    Die Schwartzwald, or The Black Forest, Bavaria, Germany as featured in The World’s Scariest Forests

    Athens, Ohio is home to Ohio University and also listed as the 13th most haunted place in the world and featured in an episode of FOX's "Scariest Places on Earth." Legend has it, it's also home to hundreds of restless spirits like Margaret Schilling, patient found dead by a maintenance man. Read her story and others. #WizzleyWednesday #ghoststories #Halloween

    How do the people and buildings not just fall off this terrain? This is San Francisco, and I am from a flat-land place called Chicago.

    Canyon Steps, Pailon del Diablo, Ecuador. Interferência na natureza com materiais naturais...

    This would be the scariest thing I ever did, but I would love to do it.

    What cities do you want to cross off your travel bucket list this year? How about #Venice? Here are 16 Reasons to take a Venice vacation in 2016!

    Iya Valley Vine Bridges, Japan Shikoku, the smallest of Japan’s four main islands, is home to three vine bridges. The originals were built with slats of wood placed between 7 and 12 inches apart, secured in place with two single vines. While the new bridges are reinforced with wire and hand rails, they’re still not for the faint of heart. Where: Tokushima, over the Iya-gawa River Stats: 148 feet long; 46 feet high.

    Road in Capri. Scariest part is passing someone. My mom almost wet herself at every turn

    Bridge in the Ukraine... how about no? I won't be crossing that one!

    The Bell Witch Cave is a karst cave located in Adams, Tennessee near where the Bell Farm once stood. When I was growing up, we would scare each other with tales of the Bell Witch.

    A little joyriding on (I think) Pakistani serpentine roads .. is probably never quite wrong?.

    The world's most dangerous roads - Transfagarasan, Romania

    The Moonville Tunnel is said to be haunted. Do you believe in ghosts? Vinton County, Ohio.

    Walk On The Woods by Paul Murphy. Bruce Trail at Inglis Falls near Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.

    Lombard Street, San Francisco. Been here many times. Our server at the restaurant last night said his grandma lives near the top, and joked that if she ever fell, it would look like a pinball game!

    Kabul-Jalalabad Highway, Afghanistan ~ What’s more dangerous than driving through mountain passes? Driving through Taliban territory of course! Combining this with hairpin turns and unthinkable falls, only the bold and brave would dare venture here.

    Fabled Route 66 — the “Mother Road” — curls through the historic heart of the city, showcasing streets lined with classic diners and historic hotels.

    Sometimes their sturdiness is questionable. Sometimes they’re just really, really high up. These bridges will make you question what on earth made you decide you needed to get to the other side so darned badly in the first place.

    Bloods point road in Illinois is the absolute scariest place I have ever been and I was not aware of the stories behind it when I went. I saw lights following us that just disappeared with no side streets, a truck that crossed the road in front of us and disappeared (no side streets, just woods) and we heard a distinct growl in the front of our car like it was in our ears. I had a panic attack and we left. NEVER again. Lilacs and Roses: 10/28/09

    Chimney Rock is the natural fulfillment of your trip to the North Carolina mountains. Take a deep breath of refreshing mountain air, become invigorated by our hiking trails, and let your cares fade away in the cool mist of Hickory Nut Falls.

    10 of the Scariest Roads In the World! WARNING: This post is not for the faint hearted! #scary #roads #spon

    Stelvio Pass - Extreme Drives: The 10 Scariest Highways for White-Knuckle Road Trips - Condé Nast Traveler