We've made it through a month of 2017. Now it's February and time to buckle down and get to your tax return. Here are some tax moves you can make this month. (Male cardinal enjoying a February snow shower_Tammy King-Pinterest)

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Thinking of sharing the Valentine's Day love? Check out these 3 charitable ways to celebrate Feb. 14. (Cupid fairy with basket of hearts_sharonscottagequilts-blogspot)

It's tax season, which means tax scam season. And some previous cons are being recycled. Beware!

Getting a state refund check? It likely will arrive later, too, as state tax officials follow the IRS in utilizing more and tougher tax identity theft and refund fraud filters.

The Earned Income Tax Credit each year provides millions of eligible taxpayers with thousands of dollars in tax refund money. But 20% of qualifying taxpayers don't file for it. Don't be one of those missing out! (EITC Grocery Bag image via Community Action Partnership of Riverside County)

Do you live in one of the states that rakes in most of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit benefits?

If you're an independent contractor, you know all about 1099-MISC. But there are lots of other versions of this IRS tax statement.

Do you file early or put off doing your taxes until the very last moment? Here's a look at the reasons, some valid some not so justified, so many of up procrastinate at tax time. (Tax filing refund fortune cookie from Ally Bank at FinCon16)

Trump SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch could be a key vote on some potential tax cases.

The IRS' 2017 Dirty Dozen list is a 'Groundhog Day' of tax scams. (Groundhog relaxing with martini via GroundhogGreetings on Pinterest)

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