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Lampwork glass pendant Beige Bird Pendant with stylized, a little ruffled, bird, perhaps it was rain ends. Bead-base translucent green with pink and crimson inclusions. In her twisted branches tsvetuschegofantaziynogo tree with blue buds, on which sits a bird beige, ocher and decorated with cherry spots. Pendant with my author's glass beads. All businyvyplavlyayutsya hand in the fire, and are processed in a muffle furnace. Gathered at TierraCast color "antique silver".

Ring lampwork Nordic berries Large but light cocktail ring. Easy, because the bead is hollow, and the light penetrating through its walls makes it visually airy. Papercity yellowish-greenish-purple. All the beads are melted by hand in the fire and is treated in a muffle furnace. The base ring dimensionless, bronze handmade. Designer accessories, casting, Czech glass beads, silver glass, silver glass, Size: about 2x2,5 cm.