Can't wait til the Aviators trend is out, haha

Curly Hair Problem Not buying sunglasses because they'd only get stuck in your hair when you put the glasses in your head.

the "curly hairstyles" irony

this is totes true-it's not helpful in the LEAST! and yes, i even type in "naturally curly hairstyles"-- and also! A lot of them aren't even hair styles they're just naturally curly or curled hair down

hate that!

Jost Jost Chambers I love curly hair and I don't love when real curls get taken away. I need to keep mine curly more.

I'm *so* excited for "Brave!"

Not a problem.Wish I had a princess with curly hair back when I was growing up.just glad that curly girls now will have a curly haired princess

haha, this was my hair yesterday - enormous!

Curly hair problem: When it rains and your hair is like the Grinch's heart: it grew three sizes that day.

Rings always get stuck!

My mom and I are always on the hunt for the perfect hair product for our curly hair. Let me tell you, as any of you curly-haired gals out t.

Oh man.  Back in the day, I was so sad when stylists wouldn't give me the prom hair I wanted so bad, lol.

Add to this, having shitty stylists who wouldn't be honest and tell me my hair won't do that, and ending up with mortifyingly awful haircuts.

haha, I've totally argued with people about my thin-but-big hair

seriously had arguments with almost every hair stylist I went to about my hair actually being fine not thick