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Mentoring tips for new teachers, mentors and administrators.

How to Handle Constructive Criticism | Teach 4 the Heart

Teach 4 the Heart

Why Third Grade is so Important-The "Matthew Effect" A GREAT read on third grade being a pivotal year!

ASCD author Myron Dueck shares lessons, anecdotes, and cautionary tales from his own experiences in revamping assessment procedures in his book, "Grading Smarter, Not Harder: Assessment Strategies That Motivate Kids and Help Them Learn."

7 Things to Remember About Feedback | ASCD Educational Leadership

Partner Talk Anchor Chart

BLOG POST: 101 Questions for Teachers...Do you know what you need to know as a staff member about the procedures and policies of your school and district? Here are 101 questions you should ask--useful to all teachers--new veteran!

Information on Using Sticky Notes In the Classroom! {with FREEBIES!}

Hojo's Teaching Adventures

10 Tips for Mentoring a Student Teacher | Teach 4 the Heart

Teach 4 the Heart

PBIS 2-3

I was born to be a teacher...


10 Ways for Teachers to Grow Over the Summer | Teach 4 the Heart


Student teaching: an exciting, daunting, overwhelming and thrilling experience. These are the eight things I wish I knew when I was a student teacher.

Education to the Core: Anchor Charts | Education to the Core Be A Good Critic Anchor Chart, good for class discussions and peer conferencing

Education to the Core

How to introduce Genius Hour Projects, by Chris Kesler

To thrive as a teacher you need three bones: A wish bone, A backbone and A funny bone.

Corkboard Connections: Bring Some Passion Into Your Classroom! Wonderful guest blog post by Jen Runde about how to implement a "genius hour" in your classroom as a way for students to explore topics they are passionate about. Inspiring!

Video clips from popular movies that illustrate different forms of bullying. Great visual resource

. Engaging your students

How to Get the Most for Your Money with Scholastic Books Clubs

Pre-K Pages

I have often thought about someone coming to our school to hurt my kids. I would fight for everyone of them

so true....

25 Things Successful Educators Do Differently

LD Action: Creating Possibilities