That's what I call a handbag

ines figaredo handbags 2012 - The Inés Figaredo Handbags 2012 are the right mix of comedy and chic. Spanish handbag designer Inés Figardo’s philosophy is .

December issue of SCMP Style Magazine

Bruna Tenorio by Blair Getz Mezibov for SCMP Style Magazine

Machine Gun stockings. Gangsta!

Bad Ass Machine Gun Stockings

Crazy good. If i was a girl, i would so rock these

Spiked Zombie Heels

MrRobbieRotten Crafts Glow-in-the-Dark Spiked Zombie Pumps for Badass Chicks

Nike sneaker wedges. I'm on the fence with this one

Nike 'Wedge' Dunk - best looking sneaker wedge i've seen, hardly looks like a sneaker with a heel. However, it's still a sneaker with a heel.

Paper Wedding Dress... amazing!  By Julie VonDerVellen

Paper Wedding Dress By Julie VonDerVellen.saw her work at the Cameron Art Museum today and fell in love.