Creative Mom with fairly simple and yet super fun projects for kids-esp. toddlers. (edible projects)

Half a sandwich (ham and cheese). I cut a giraffe out of a tortilla and coloured it with food-safe markers. Raspberries with giraffe pick and baby carrots

The Granary Recipes...a wonderful and picturesque blog on homemade, healthy, and frugal meals/foods!

It has been a beautiful but quiet day here in East Texas. One word explains the quiet component: headcold. I was in denial the past few days, but it hit me hard yesterday at about As I sat working at my computer, I began sweating like a heathen, and, .

New Nostalgia!

Finally, a way to connect with others without stumbling into the wrong areas.

Fabulous blog with great recipes to help keep your body in a state of alkaline balance. Gorgeous design and pictures!

Blackberry Coconut Scones I've made them without the chocolate and they are very good. I don't like mixing chocolate with fruit.