These Boards are an exploration of the Soul in the Jungian Psychology sense. My: 忘れられたゲート。Some links will be considered by some to be adult material. Beware!

Perfection, Or Who's the Purest of Them All? by Dr. Jean Raffa

America's Homeless in Photographs : Social Darwinism in Action

Election 2016: Is There an Adult in the Room? by Skip Conover

Today's is the 47th Anniversary of the Death of my Brother, 2nd Lt. Robert M. Christian, Jr. Purple Heart Medal

"Everybody Wants Some": Lesser Linklater | Movie review by Michael Berkowitz

Eye in the Sky: An Eye for an Eye by Michael Berkowitz Movie Review

Confronting the Powers by @KenKovacs The political meaning of Jesus's entry into Jerusalem.

Think of a Country Ruled by Death, Fear and Lies by Meltem Arikan

Singing for Change! by Michael Berkowitz