Reasons I love fall

pusheen loves

pusheen cat

fall pie

dean o'gorman

dean winchester

pumpkin pies

apple pies


Lots of villages in the UK have turned red telephone boxes into mini libraries, just take a book and leave one behind, we have one in our little train station waiting room, such a lovely idea

books books

book exchange

telephone booth


red telephone


: i want a clothesline this summer. for sheets. summer artwork and our annual tie dye party.

bit country

clothesline barn

farm life

country life

clothespins clothesline

country clothesline

TheRustedChain - The Blog: A Fall walk....

Susan Harrison-Tustain

watercolor painting

oil paintings

keys drawing

art watercolors

locks keys

keys locks

watercolor doors

life painting

Page not found - Watercolor and Oil Painting - Roses, Birds, Still lifes, Figurative Paintings, Watercolor DVDs- Susan Harrison-Tustain

Vintage door knobs.



door handle

Old Door Knob by Joanne Coyle

An antique French ink bottle with a Paris address on the label

bottles ink

bottle labels

antique french


Small Antique French Ink Bottle

the best


old letters

handwritten letters

lost art

letter writing

writing letters

love letters

snail mail

brown dress with white dots

i would love to find a bundle of old love letters....


old letters

handwritten letters

lost art

letter writing

love letters

snail mail

brown dress with white dots

Milagros means "miracles". These traditional metal charms are used to help that saint perform a miracle (hence the word "milagro"). There is supposedly a milagro for virtually every animal, every organ and every imaginable malady. I was smitten by the metalwork and repousse. This was a stealth shot. I got quite sneaky with my little spy camera.

folk art

milagros milagros

milagros miracles

milagros votives

milagros ex voto

mexican milagros

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A Happy Pair by Frederic Weatherly, illustrated by Beatrix Potter

de beatrix

antique book

vintage easter

beatrix potter

peter rabbit

beatrix potter s

potter hbp

pair frederic

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anja s collections

collections mood

moodboard collections


collection photography

anja mulder

older collections

junk collections

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I will own a quill and ink

ink paper

guest books

sealing wax

book writing

wax seals

seals quills

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brown dress with white dots

time ago

vintage photography

white dots

gmail browndresswhitedots with

eating paste

b w photograpy

found photographs

brown dress with white dots

Quill and ink

books letters pens

handwritten letters

letter writing

writing letters

love letters

Victoria Station

Old letters wrapped with a piece of leather string.

fashioned letters

italian letters

writing desk

vintage letters

old letters

handwritten letters

letter writing

love letters

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Sleeping Moon

art moon

sun moon


beautiful moon

the moon

Items similar to Sleeping Moon on Etsy

Joseph Cornell

assemblage collage

assemblage art


art lessons

art boxes

assemblage accessories

paper collage

assemblage art

HEDONIA - Joseph Cornell

There is always time for coffee #coffee #book #memories #pause

books and coffee photography

coffee photography art

book and coffee

coffee tea

book coffee

coffee styling

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butterfly wing bottle set by whichgoose on Etsy

wing bottle

butterflies wings

beautiful wings

butterfly wings

wings i ve

delicate wings

butterfly wing bottle set


water colour

water color


watercolor paint

Geninne's Art Blog

A book of treasures

natural history

paper journals books

fiona watson

art journals

nature collection

journals sketchbooks

nature journal

birds in flight

A well traveled woman

vintage naturalist's kit

naturalist s kid

vintage naturalist s

lepidopterist s collection

naturalist suitcase

stash case

naturalist s kit

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