Jennifer, I can see this for your bedroom. I know you are not big into patterns, but this subtle color scheme is pretty! And you can put a plant or flowers on your windowsill!

It was this set of blueish grey linen pillows that ignited my chambray bedding obsession. I'm smitten with the layering of blue hues on the bed, especially with a pop of warm pastel pink to offset the cool tones. I'm doing it. Stay tuned. More

Mes coups de cœur de la semaine #126

Ambient Light - One way to add character and charm to your is to open up drapes or blinds to let in natural light. Ambient light also makes smaller places feel airier and bigger which can change how the entire room feels.

A little touch of dusty pink … a cosy bedroom, a summery tank dress, delish raspberry rose cocktail & beautiful garden roses. x debra 1 by derek swalwell, 2 by damsel in dior, 3 by camille styles, 4 by ann street studio follow on bloglovin’