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    Follow these steps to correctly wrap an ankle. Click to learn more about ankle sprains and how to treat them. #running #dance #anklesprain www.allinahealth....

    15 Must Have Items for Your Winter Auto Kit

    Emergency Car Toilet-put it in your car and it's ready when you need it by

    How to construct a small septic system Not thinking I would EVER need to use this, but interesting information.

    Emergency Survival Grab and Go Bags

    how to remove a fish hook

    Let's be realistic for a moment. If things go drastically worse, there is a very good chance that you could lose electricity, especially on an EMP attack. Have you thought about the Nuclear Power Plants that you live around? If the electricity goes out, there would be nothing to cool off the reactor cores, and just like a B-Rated movie, "Boom". Take a look at the link for some great information to determine if you are in the "Safe Zone" or not.

    solar flare orange sun Whats in YOUR Faraday Cage? A common sense guide to preparing for an EMP


    Building an inexpensive faraday cage to protect your electronics from an EMP. Not only Cell Phones, GPS, but also radios, blood sugar monitors, etc. suburbansurvivalb...

    Understanding EMP: What Preppers Should Know - The Prepper Journal

    EMP Survival Infographic This is exactly what happened to my dad's home. A tree feel on a power line his yard which fried all the electrical equipment in his home.

    How to Wipe Yourself Off the Grid Here are some tips on how to unplug completely from the grid and disappear from the digital world...just in case.

    cute car kit to keep these things close at hand without cluttering up a purse! I'm not sure why I haven't already done this.

    How to keep mosquitoes out of your rain barrels

    THIS is why you should have a Get Home Bag -By APN January 30, 2014

    File Cabinet turned Gun Cabinet...

    15 Items That Should Be In Your Vehicle During the Winter

    fish trap #survival

    Sturdy Gun Safe - Vault Door : Custom Vault Doors by Sturdy Gun Safe


    firestarters from toilet paper rolls & lint

    The Emergency Bra You have to see this!!!!!

    Every respectable Prepper needs to have a supply of vinegar. Here are 35 reasons - but of course there are a lot more!