Fashion editor-in-chief of Vogue Hommes International Anastasia Barbieri shares her experiences of working with photographic giant Bert Stern, who passed away in New York June A monument of fashion and celebrity history remembered.

Smoking in the office. And I feel this could be mid to late just as well. ALady. changing shape of women: With conical bra and cinched in waist, this Sixties secretary shows just how much women's silhouettes - and fashions - have changed over the decades

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Affordable menswear, handmade @ This page will be where I post inspirations for menswear, my mind's cork-board if you will....and sometimes pics of women, amazing apartments/houses and autos because well, this is a gentleman's blog. ----------------------

// Françoise Madeleine Hardy (born 17 January is a French singer and actress. Hardy is a popular figure in music and fashion. When Mick Jagger describes you as his ‘ideal woman’ while Bob Dyl…

John Lennon and Mick Jagger by Ron Galella, 1974 P.S. This is my post, and I expect to be reaching followers this week (!), so in honor of these milestones I would like to thank everyone for following this blog and for sending me daily...

Paul Newman- the ultimate cuz Ryan Gosling is a little like him and Gerard Butler is a little like him and Tom Hardy is a tiny bit like him and they don't any have what Paul Newman had. And they're all sexy. It's something more. God he was hot.

kvetchlandia: Antonio Kahlo     Frida Kahlo After an Operation     1948