The Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic. One of the most iconic landmarks in Prague, the Charles Bridge dates back to the century. Just got back from this great city, and we highly recommend adding it to your places to see!

Bora Bora

Ocean Huts in Bora Bora. *sigh* I want to vacation in a place has such things as "ocean huts".

18 Free Professional Fonts We Lived Happily Ever After:

We Lived Happily Ever After: 18 Free Professional Fonts Free Fonts for all your wedding printing!

salzburg, austria.

Escuchando a Mozart: Salzburg, Austria. Winter was cold but beautiful with a light snow.Be sure to take the Sound of Music tour.Our guide sang some of the songs during the walk.


New York is one of the world's busiest cities around the world. During the night, the whole city lights up which is amazing.

paris. <3

Another thing on my bucket list is to go to Paris, specifically the Eiffel Tower. I've always thought that Paris was a really cool place and city, and I've wanted to go there ever since I was a little kid.

Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ

Hong Kong

A view of the Hong Kong Skyline from my hotel room window.