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Shannon Kotloff

Shannon Kotloff
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These Strawchebaliscuit Bites are a great combo of TRISCUIT Crackers, goat cheese, strawberry, balsamic and basil!

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This is Brewer Ledge Inc's Treadwall. It's a vertical treadmill for rock-climbing. You can adjust the speed, as well as the angle of the wall from +5 to -20 degrees so you can even climb hanging upside down.

How cool is this? Treadwall is the perfect workout and training aid for climbers, it combines the climbing wall with the treadmill! It basically puts a rock wall in motion allowing you to climb as much as you want. Both speed and wall angle are adjus

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Hammock bed - this gave me an idea. wouldnt it be fun (if i was rich) to have a huge kids playroom with a built in indoor trampoline for the kids to jump! (kinda like where this hammock is- floor level- but tramp! I want this one day :)