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art journal inspiration

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journal pages in progress - by bun - artist: roxanne coble

pages in progress // 02

Keep a journal.

26 Tiny Life Changes That Actually Make A Big Impact

notebook cutout.

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Sara Katherine Staheli Hanks

Paul Thurby

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You can apply gesso to almost any surface, and then you can paint that surface with acrylic paint, gelatos, inks… For example, you can apply a layer of gesso on fabric, burlap, paper, metal embellishments, wood, vinyl and you can then paint it with acrylics! The possibilities are endless!

Art Journaling 101 Series - Gesso - Clips-n-Cuts

Victoria # COLLAGE - collage a piece of paper, then put through the printer and print large image on top

Collage Portraits of Michelle Caplan

Art Journaling

ART JOURNALING...Where Art & Words Meet

Smash book. Art journal. I Am a Sucker for... by Pat - MUST DO THIS (well the prompt at least)

lost and found: List It Tuesday - I Am a Sucker for...

transferring images with contact paper

Journaling: Transferring Images with Con-Tact Paper

Step by step - I really love how this turns out -- and no one picture to tag here. Must see.

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Silhouettes to make negatives on book pages!

Vanessa Body Album

Bevy of Art Journal Backgrounds

Bevy of Art Journal Backgrounds: Mixed Media Mash Up - Irreversiblymoi

Series of Gesso Techniques

Series of Gesso Techniques (index) & Links

Cool gesso technique

Dorota_mk: sierpień 2012

bicocacolors: tramas....woven words

bicocacolors: tramas

Cathy Michaels Design. Wish I could actually think of stuff like this.

Cathy Michaels Design by Cathy Bluteau: Making faces

How to start a tarot journal and different methods of journaling with your tarot cards.

Introduction to Tarot Journaling

Free eBook download of art journal techniques

Art Journal Techniques: How to Make a Travel Journal, a Handmade Journal, plus Art Journaling Ideas

Great watercolor study - have them practice different watercolor techniques, cut it out and arrange it, then cut words out of magazines

Me, With My Head in the Clouds: A Few Things

“One of my favorite aspects of art journaling is having a place to experiment.” See the results of Heather Kindt’s experimental techniques inside Art Journaling.

Art Journaling Autumn 2015

Book pages, #004, Rebecca Blair another doodle idea for when i'm stuck!

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I'm so out of the scrappy loop. I just started seeing these. The Crafty Blog Stalker: The Start of a Smash Book

The Start of a Smash Book - The Crafty Blog Stalker