Friday feels

That dirtbag should be poisoned instead! try not to cry.I'm always emotional to these things.<< who the hell poisons a dog? That scumbag should be poisoned

Not all heroes wear capes

Not all heroes wear capes

Not all heroes wear capes -- This makes me like dogs a little more but I still live cats. However, I am very thankful for this dog saving a kittens life


I saw a little chihuahua like this, only he was named 'Roo' like a Kangaroo because he would hop around. But he acted like a perfectly happy, normal dog.

This Kitten Wasn't Going To Survive Until She Met Her Dog Mom

This is one of my favorite animal stories ❤ Dying Kitten Wasn’t Going To Survive, But Then She Met This Husky animals dogs cats pictures cool amazing story pets awesome great husky stories heart warming

This is Freyja.

She is beautiful! We also adopted a stray Husky/Golden mix with heartworm. We went through BIG DOG RESCUE PROJECT NW.

Parisienne: ENOUGH …

And on that day I heard GOD scream, "ENOUGH!" That is when I found the strength to say it too. Enough, and I just let him leave without a word.

Stepan the bear

Stepan the bear

Russian Couple Adopted An Orphaned Bear 23 Years Ago, And They Are Still Living Happily Together. I love this soooo much. It just proves that the love and compassion people give can change and shape even the most frightening of things.