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Elizabeth Van Lew was a Union spy during the American Civil War. She was an antislavery Virginia woman who not only freed her slaves, but bought and freed their families. Using her household staff as couriers, she sent messages to the Union in hollowed-out shoes and eggs and later, books and a personally designed cipher. She faked a mental disorder to throw off suspicion and was called “Crazy Bet” by her neighbors. Her network resulted in some of the best Union information gathered anywhere.

Blessed with a number of traits which experts say give them an advantage over men, women make some of the best spies. Better listeners and gifted with stre

US Slave: SLAVE WHIPPING AS A BUSINESS. Today we talk of terrorists from other countries. As a descendant of slaves, the only terrorists I have ever known are whites in America. They are the greatest terrorists in history.

Slaves were whipped at markets and trader yards. Any petty offense on the part of a slave was sufficient to subject the offender to this brutal treatment.