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Haha, wow!

Multiplication This is awesome! My mom taught me this growing up and I am now teaching my daughter it. My own math teacher at the time didn't even realize it until I showed her one day what Mom had shown me. :-) Make math easier for your kiddos!

teenage posts :)

I can relate. I pinned this under "my life", but it belongs with "so annoying, I could rip your hair out".

this is so true lol

Teenager Posts when I have a sharpie in my hand I just want to write everywhere

Teenager posts

People will never understand the pain of curly hair. or straight hair either. it's hard stuff. I've thick and wavy hair and the only thing I can do with it is put it in a ponytail

We have all done it..

I actually talk to the characters on TV shows I watch and movies I watch. You know I like movie or TV show when I talk to it.if I don't talk to either means I am LOVING it or hating it.if I talk to it they just don't listen

☮ t e e n p o s t s ☮ ---this just made my day. :D <<This was like my favorite game ever

I thought of crocodiles. Not lava. Coz u know. Crocodiles snap their jaws. Found them scarier than lava.