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Ok well here you go. People have been asking me for something or other. Honestly though I don't know how to explain my progress and a lot of the time I'. How I tend to Paint

How to Art

How to Art / Drawing waists for women


Simple, elegant, exquisite and wonderful. Ballet flat shoes illustration in neutral pink colours.

Tutorial HOW TO DRAW A FACE by *MauroIllustrator on deviantART

A simple face. Also I really love this art style

Chinese woman in Hanfu style dress

Chinese woman in Hanfu style dress - Pretty Hairstyle

chinese wedding dress

Modern Vietnamese Wedding Ao Dai wedding Vietnam i love that color Metallic High Heels

red chinese wedding dress

Chinese wedding dress - A bride typically changes 3 times: a Western-style white wedding dress for the ceremony, a traditional Chinese dress for the reception, and a cocktail dress to send guests off at the end of the banquet.

Chinese dress - Hanfu

Chinese dress - Hanfu

Black and floral cheongsam. Need a higher heel, but I like the patent leather.

Talbot Runhof Resort 2015.. So love to wear this at home after a long hard day. TG

Talbot Runhof Resort So love to wear this at home after a long hard day.