It would sell wine and who gives a damn, bring on the hard liquor. We should open a store called 'Forever We can sell Wine and Yoga pants.

I rearranged them after they fell asleep.

Oh I knew I had it and it's so hard to let him hang them so I rearranged them after he fells asleep.hehe my mum did this to me once.

Party Inspiration and Molly Suzanne {$30 Shop Credit}

Mimosas // socially acceptable way to start partying at breakfast // brunch // ecard


Free, News Ecard: Next time you fart, turn to the nearest person and say ."did you hear that asshole talk shit behind my back"

Please and Thank you! lol

Free, Cry For Help Ecard: Can we all just agree to stop putting mustaches on everything and not "Keep Calm" about anything else?