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Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machines

Here at Stagecoach Road Sewing, we love these beautiful, built-to-last-a-lifetime sewing machines, and work to bring them back to the very best that they can be. We take them apart, inspect, clean, lube, adjust, and generally look for any problems or potential problems. Then we detail them to look like new and test them rigorously. Find your dream machine, here.

Stagecoach Road Vintage Sewing Machines

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This is a strong 1.5 Amp Motor on a Japanese vintage sewing machine, built by the Happy Industrial Corporation and sold by Montgomery Wards in their department stores in the 1960s.

Montgomery Wards Vintage Sewing Machine, made in Japan.

This vintage Japanese-made sewing machine features a strong 1.5 Amp motor. It's a Montgomery Wards machine made in the 1960s.

The Happy Industrial Corporation of Japan made this fine vintage sewing machine for Montgomery Wards.

1.3 Amp Japanese Montgomery Wards HBC Vintage Sewing Machine

This Vintage Japanese-made Montgomery Wards HBC sewing machine has a 1.3 Amp motor for lots of sewing power.

Japanese-built Montgomery Wards Vintage Sewing Machine made by the Happy Industrial Corporation

Montgomery Wards HBC Vintage Japanese Sewing Machine

Montgomery Wards 1.3 Amp Vintage Sewing Machine.

Strong and pretty Montgomery Wards Vintage Japanese Sewing Machine, made by the Happy Industrial Corporation.

Check out the pop-up lid on this vintage Montgomery Wards sewing machine. It's easy to clean and oil this one.

This Japanese-made Kenmore 148.296 is a home sewing machine built in the 1960s, but it blazes through garment leather and thick pads of denim.

Note the 1.2 Amp motor on this Japanese Kenmore 148.296 vintage sewing machine.

Beautiful Vintage Sewing Machines!

Made in Japan Kenmore 148.296 Vintage Sewing Machine

A classic Singer 15-91 vintage sewing machine

OMG! Oh, it didn't explode. We took apart to bathe the sticky parts in alcohol. Now it's clean and free-running inside and out!

The Singer 15-91 is a favorite of quilters and crafters, and of everyone who likes a strong, simple, reliable sewing machine.

It's hard to beat a Singer 15-91 vintage sewing machine, with it's direct-drive, built-in motor.

Cleaned inside and out, this Japanese Kenmore moves freely like a new machine.

We even took apart the motor and cleaned the shafts, polished the commutator, and burned the excess oil out of the carbon motor brushes.

We took out most of the moving parts and dropped them into the alcohol bath to remove the old, dried-on, sticky oil that bogs down a vintage sewing machine.

Kenmore 158.17520 Sewing Machine, Made in Japan for Sears.

The Morse 4100 Fotomatic, made in Japan in the 1960s, restored and ready to sew for the rest of your lifetime, and then some.

Then, of course, we detail the outside to look it's best, too.