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a plate topped with meat covered in sauce and garnished with scallions
Jenga Hoisin Ribs
Even though I’m a competition pitmaster and like to cook meats in my grills and smokers, a cast iron pan on the stove-top also does a fabulous job cooking ribs. So when it’s cold snowy or rainy outside, you can still enjoy ribs indoors. My recipe is super simple with only three dry ingredients for the seasoning and three wet ingredients for the sauce.
a bowl filled with crab and vegetables on top of a table
Lunar Chinese New Year – Spicy Singapore Chili Crab
Chili crab has been rated by CNN as one of the top 50 most delicious foods in the world. It's a must have if you're on a culinary adventure to Southeast Asia to places like Malaysia and Singapore.
some meat is sitting on a white plate
Romancing the Rib – Lemongrass Pork Crown
I thought it would be fun to cook her a spicy lemongrass garlic Romancing the Rib dish for Valentines. She really liked it and I hope your loved ones do too.
a pot filled with chili sitting on top of a stove
First Place Judges Choice Kiwanis Chili Cookoff
For competition chili, it's customary to use tri tip only with no beans or other filler ingredients. Here is the actual recipe and Youtube video that I made that won first place Judges Choice.
ham wrapped in cheese and broccoli on a cutting board
Game Day Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Chicken Jalapeno Footballs
As a pitmaster hosting a Superbowl party, I had to find a way to take it up a notch from my usual smoked wings so I decided to come up with some bacon wrapped footballs. How do you make an appetizer football from chicken? Well, the drumstick comes to mind because when you debone the drum meat, you can shape it into an oval football. Add a spicy Jalapeno stuffing, cheese, and bacon wrap the sucker, you’ve got a signature appetizer to wow your game day friends.
there is a plate with some food on it and sauce in the bowl next to it
Pit Grilled Lobster with 30-second Béarnaise Sauce
Try my recipe on how I pulled off a Pit Grilled Lobster with Béarnaise sauce.
there are many meats on the plate with some sauce and garnishes
Slapilicious Smoked Pork Crown Roast with Jimmy Dean Sausage Apple Stuffing
If you’d like to jazz up your centerpiece pork dish for the holidays or festive season entertaining, try a fabulous smoked crown roast of pork.
two large pieces of meat on a plate with onions and cilantros next to rice
BBQ Spatchcock Tandoori Turkey
If you're feeling adventurous this Turkey Day and want to do something unique besides the regular turkey day bird with cranberry sauce, you can try this recipe. Or, better yet, cook two turkeys.
a piece of food that is sitting on a plate with some kind of substance in it
Pit Roasted Whole Curry Cauliflower
The next time you want to serve a creative veggie side dish, try my pit roasted whole curry cauliflower. Cook a few more heads as it chills and reheats very well
some meat is sitting on a cutting board
Competition Butter and Cola Basted Beef Shortribs
Try these ribs with some mashed potatoes or polenta and you’ll take a trip to beef heaven with your feet still on the ground.
several pieces of meat sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
Spicy Asian-style Barbecued Pork Belly
Try this super simple recipe and wow your guests.
several skewered food items on a cutting board
Bacon Wrapped Sputnik Medjool Dates with Feta Cheese
Bacon Wrapped Sputnik Medjool Dates with Feta Cheese
a large pastry on a wooden platter next to a christmas napkin and cupcake
Prime Tri Tip Wellington
For a special occasion such as Christmas or an anniversary, I like to serve Beef Wellington. It’s basically seared beef tenderloin covered with Prosciuttoand smothered with a black sautéed mushroom paste, called Duxelles, with an outer layer of golden puff pastry wrap.
sliced ham on a white plate with parsley next to knife and pepper shaker
Bacon Wrap Turkey w Cranberry Jalapeño stuffing
You can cook this bacon wrapped turkey breast recipe in the oven but I wanted a bit of barbecue flavor so I cooked it indirect in my Weber Kettle to get some smoke before crisping the bacon weave in my oven broiler
a plate with meat, rice and vegetables on it
Grilled Thai-style Wagyu Flat Iron Steak w Shallot Rice
I love spicy food from around the world from New Mexico hatch chili salsa to fiery Schezuan firepot fondues to melt-your-earwax Thai curries. When my sponsors Snake River Farms sent me some Wagyu Flat Iron Steaks to shoot a KTLA5 morning show segment, I had some extra piece of these $95 beauties which I ran out of time to cook on camera as I had several other meats on the grill. In this Thai inspired recipe, I marinate the flat iron in a Thai curry paste.