How Jane Austen helped inspire Elena Ferrante’s disappearing act.

How Jane Austen Helped Inspire Elena Ferrante’s Disappearing Act

How to give your dog a good life after you die—even if you’re not rich.

How to Leave Your Fortune to Your Dog. If You Must.

My 3-year-old son had a blankie. At 34, so did I. We gave them up together.

How My 3-Year-Old Son and I Gave Up Our Blankies—Together

The best and worst of cold-weather sportswear.

Do We Like to See Athletes Suffer in the Cold? Mike Pesca, Stefan Fatsis, and Josh Levin Discuss.

On screen, TV is more diverse than ever. Why aren’t writing staffs catching up?

TV Is More Diverse than Ever—on Screen. Why Not in the Writers’ Room?

Mormons who fell dangerously ill on their missions say the church denied them access to medical care.

Mormon Missionaries Say the Church Failed to Treat Their Health Problems

How an obsession with certainty can hurt patients’ health.

How Medicine’s Obsession With Certainty Can Hurt Patients’ Health

Playboy magazine to stop publishing nude photos of women.

How the Internet Killed Playboy

What’s happening in Syria is eerily similar to the start of World War I.

There Are No Easy Solutions in Syria. There Are, However, Alarming Historical Precedents.

Anna Wintour and Pitchfork are now corporate buddies.

Publishing Giant Condé Nast Buys Famed Hipster Music Site Pitchfork

Denniz Pop, Max Martin, and Cheiron Studios: The man who invented modern pop.

This Swedish DJ Created the Template for Modern Pop. Why Have You Never Heard of Him?

Japan is heaven for film lovers.

The Spirited Away Bathhouse, Toho Studios, and Other Japanese Cinema Landmarks

Thank-you notes: when and how to send them

We Need a New Etiquette for the Handwritten Thank-You Note

The shooting of Jonathan Ferrell in Charlotte is an all-too-familiar story—an unarmed black man killed by a white police officer. But it has an unfamiliar ending.

An All-Too-Familiar Story—Unarmed Black Man Killed by White Cop—With an Unfamiliar Ending

Every conversation between a parent and a child, in four conversations

Perhaps You Didn’t Hear Me, Dad. I Really Want It.

Rental security deposits in the U.S. make no sense. The U.K. found a better way.

It Makes No Sense That Your Landlord Gets to Hold Your Security Deposit. Here’s a Better Way.

A history of Andy Warhol's relationship with food

A History of Andy Warhol’s Relationship With Food—Including That Weird Schrafft’s Commercial

The Drug-Fueled Existentialism of Tao Lin : Illustration by Jess Fink

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Summers Fly, Winters Walk :Illustration by Jess Fink

The Days Go By Slowly but the Years Go By Fast. Why?

The Professor-Student Love Affair, Revisited: Illustration by Jeff Zwirek

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Why is it so difficult to write about desire? Illustration by Jess Fink

A Surprisingly Sexy (and Brainy) Book About Desire

The Lost Great Novel of Middle Age: Illustration by Jeff Zwirek

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Sex and the Single Intellectual. Illustration by Jeff Zwirek

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Theory: Spike Lee’s best movies are the ones with the hottest weather.

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On the endless literature to help you quit smoking.

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