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2016 New Year's Even Printable


Pray God's Name for 31 Days: New Years Challenge

Want to see more of God in 2017? Take this New Years Challenge and pray God's Name for 31 days! Seek God and learn more about His nature with this printable devotional calendar.


Become a More Patient Mom with These Simple Practices


Read, Pray, Love: A Year of Bible Reading & Prayer

I NEED THIS! Read, Pray, Love includes gorgeous scripture art prints and memory verse cards with COLORING PAGES! Plus a 5-Day Challenge! via @TaunaM


How to Sneak in One-on-One Time with Your Kids When You Are a Mom of Many


12 Creative Ways to Fit in More Bible Time

Having trouble fitting Bible study and Bible reading? Try these 12 creative ways to fit in more Bible time! via @TaunaM


30+ Edible Learning Activities, Projects, & Experiments


Cultivating Grateful Kids

How can Christian parents encourage gratitude in their kids? Suggestions for Thanksgiving and the whole year round.


Discovering Your Children's Gifts

As parents we are given the privilege of discovering our child's gifts, interests, strength and talents. Nurture your kid's natural abilities and watch them bloom!


Dear Mama Who is Craving Real Connection: You Are Not Alone

Are you craving real connection? You are not alone mama! Motherhood isn't easy, but it's better when shared with friends. Find encouragement for motherhood, friendship and your relationship with God in this new book, Craving Connections, by @incourage