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Dance photography

Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong. -Sounds like my drill team coach. "Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect." But hey, we crushed the competition every time!

Barry Sanders - One of the best backs in NFL history.

Barry Sanders - my absolute favorite All-Time running back. Always magic when he ran, and a humble class act. Wish more people emulated how he carried himself during his career.

Soccer Star "Pele"

Edison Arantes do Nascimento - El Rey Pele. Born 21 October 1940 – however, Pelé himself claims that he was born on 23 October), is a retired Brazilian footballer. He is regarded by many experts, players, and fans as the best player of all time.

Olympic Triathlete: Sarah Groff

Groff overcame a couple of tough moments to be in contention until the final seconds of the race.

We love the Olympics not only for the amazing feats of athleticism on display but also for the personal triumphs over adversity that bring the athletes to the games. Wilma Rudolph is a legend for both. At just age 16, she won a bronze medal in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics and then took home 3 golds four years later in Rome. But even to compete at all was a victory for Rudolph. A sickly child, she survived premature birth, whooping cough, chicken pox, scarlet fever, measles... #PushGirls

Olympian track and field medalist Wilma Rudolph overcame polio, scarlet fever, whooping cough and measles to become "fastest womin in the world"

Skiing. It's almost that time of year!!!

The Winter Olympics start Feb so it would be timely to do 'Winter Olympics Club' during the week of Feb.