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funny things

funny things

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Today's Las Vegas truth.

Today's Las Vegas Truth - Vital Vegas

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Im not a cheer leader anymore, but this is so funny! - addictedtocheer

Best F Bitches Tank by SmoothCreationz on Etsy, For you and workout buddy!

Bitches be like....

See now nah that's that petty shit I don't like...females be quick to tell her dude he can't talk to other female friends but once a nigga get in her face she talkin bout "he just a friend". Ain't no double standards round this way

Samantha Jones @thingsbitchessay | Websta

Posting about karma is just a mask for being malicious. Mean and petty people rely on sayings like "Karma's a bitch." to make it ok to be cruel. Is that who you want to be?

Karma: Are you Guilty? - Mom In Management

Woo bitch let me tell you - Bitches Be Like - Bitches Be Like Niggas Be Like, Bitches Be Like pics and memes

Side chicks Be Like....

funny memes - NoWayGirl

Bitch Stop Trying to be like me... Please stop seriously! It's annoying! You don't even know the first thing about a *lifted ford truck* ... Quit trying to compete with me .. Idiot

People always lie on Facebook

This is so my mom. We called it her mother bear coming out. I want to be just like this.

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Your so fake

I know people like this. The fact that someone is a self righteous condescending bitch and always has been doesn't make it acceptable. Just makes me hate them More and think that you're an idiot for allowing them to be so rude on purpose Funniest pictures on the inte | Postris

I could get on your level, but I don't like being on my knees as much as you do. WHORE

STACI TIFF there are some names for u I am by far not a chicken shit coward like u people are !!!???!!!??!!!

It’s hard to make new friends, because everyone thought you’d be a bitch when they first saw you. | 22 Things That Only Happen To People Who Have Resting Bitch Face

22 Things That Only Happen To People Who Have Resting Bitch Face

Seriously I should be watching downton abbey if mcgonagall is gonna be her snarky self like this

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Classy Sassy & A Bit Smart Assy. Kind of like me. Lol! ;D LO

Classy Sassy & A Bit Smart Assy

Come get nosey with us, you Foxy Penguin. #pinrosescents

Butterflies and Pebbles

Not sorry... Classy Sassy & A Bit Smart Assy

Classy Sassy & A Bit Smart Assy

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." -Charles M. Schulz

Romantic and Humorous Love Quotes for Pinterest