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the headstone of two men and one woman are shown in an old cemetery with tombstones
Ascend, My Son! Thy Father's Kingdom Share. (Today's Epitaph)
an old fire hydrant with some writing on it's side in the grass
Louisa Jane Padgett Died in Faith, Departing in Peace (1874)
an old cemetery with headstones and trees in the background
Pneumonia was the Immediate Cause of Death for Warren Gaston (1921)
Parents, York, Richmond, Robert Maxwell, Butler, Petersburg, Maxwell, Pierce, Bartow
An Obituary and Funeral Recap for General Pierce Manning Butler Young (d. 1896)
the headstone of an old man and woman in front of a cemetery with grass
Augustus W. Fite, Jr. Died Suddenly in Oklahoma Monday Morning (1923)
the headstone of an old man and woman in front of a grave with a bucket on it
Judge Augustus W. Fite Died Suddenly in His Office on Christmas Day (1919)
an obelisk in the middle of a grassy area with trees and blue sky
3 Children of Noted Evangelist Sam P. Jones
Atlanta, American War, Cobb County, Bibb County, Jacobs, Veterans Affairs, Georgia, Department Of Veterans Affairs
Discharged Soldier Jacob Page Dies (1899)
a close up of a headstone on the ground
Fever Rampant in Griffin, Georgia's Camp Northen (1898)
the headstones of two men and one woman are shown in this cemetery area with grass
Maj. Henry Cole Succumbs to Typhoid Fever (1912)
there is a sign on the wall that says marietta national cemetery in front of it
Henry G. Cole, "Union Man" (d. 1875)
several headstones in a cemetery with trees in the background
Father and Daughter Dead: Dix and Louise Fletcher (1886)
a sign in front of some trees and grass with the words william root on it
Death of a Patriarch: William Root, of Marietta, Georgia (1891)
a blue sign sitting in front of a lush green tree filled park with lots of trees
Rev. Thomas Allen Dies at His Farm Near Marietta, Georgia (1909)