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Water Cycle Foldable. need to use with 6th grade...notice how the book physically represents the water cycle...not just a worksheet


The Inspired Classroom: About to Start Weather

Water Cycle - Magic School Bus. We watched this one today, and it really connected some dots for Nugget. If you enjoy the show, buy the boxed set on DVD. One of our best resources for fun leaping-off points for learning.

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Earth Science Interactive Notebook a short passage is included for every topic too! Interactive journal inserts and helpful vocabulary words are included as well. Topics include: the water cycle, water on Earth, the rock cycle, earthquakes and more. This is a fun way to learn about science. STEM and Common Core Next Generation Science Standards aligned

Literacy & Math Ideas: Earth Science Interactive Notebook

Acting out the water cycle can be a fun activity that engages the students by getting them involved. After instruction, or even during instruction, the teacher can ask volunteer students to act out the parts of the water cycle. This can lead into class discussions and open ended responses to new topics and ideas.

Weather Theme @ Little Giraffes Teaching Ideas

Recycling plastic caps into a classroom project- in this case, creating beautiful strings of 'raindrops' out of caps that normally end up in the trash.

Manuales: ¡Sol y lluvia!

Water Cycle Fold-able. Students can draw a picture of what it looks like and write the definition underneath.

Buzzing with Ms. B: Water, water everywhere

States of Matter- students write a story from a water molecule's perspective...they must describe changing from one state of matter to another...JJ

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Re-create the water cycle; students could record what happens and which part of the water cycle is happening

Water Cycle Demonstration