Women on the same menstral cycle as their friends should basically be referred to as gang members. That's how dangerous they are. The women I work with!

we've all been there...

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Funny Friendship Ecard: I hate to tell you, but curves and rolls are not the same thing. Not at all.

I can't stand when people give me crap for not being "curvy".last time I checked, I definitely had curves- boobs and hips.I'm just missing fat rolls, apparently!

Introverts Unite!  LOL

Introverts Unite! We're Here, We're Uncomfortable And We Want To Go Home | Baseball Tee



YES. Took the last Math class of my life this past semester and I am SO happy to be done with it.

recipe for ice-- the reviews are freaking hilarious!

Ice Cubes

recipe for ice-- the comments are freaking hilarious! You have to take time to read the comments! For all my friends who tease me about making ice cubes!

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