Slohn Choi
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Materium have designed the Screen House, a home in Singapore, that features a large screen, allowing light in, while at the same time providing privacy.
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4층 야외 테라스 난간 외벽 / 벽돌 얼기설기 쌓기 / 엣지 마감
Christ the King Jesuit College Preparatory School / John Ronan Architects , could be an interesting element to introduce light into a house and still have privacy
MrsLivingstone - Recycled glass bricks
ETH Zürich - Prof. A. Caruso :: Archive :: Student Projects
Anywhere, Earth  Studio Objective: This studio will reverse engineer the “Chippendale Skyscraper” to invent a new institution that actively engages with furniture forms. Beginning with found furniture pieces, we will investigate its formal logics, ...