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a green smiley face patch with black eyes and a nose ring on it's side
Slooop - Green
a smiley face with a yellow band around it's mouth
Slooop - Smiley - Yellow
a white patch with a flag and the word slay on it's side
Slooop - SLSV
a round pink object with the word love on it's front and back side
Slooop - SlooopLogo - Pink
a white round object with the word gooola on it's front and bottom
Slooop - SlooopLogo - White/Silver/violett
a round white object with black and white designs on it
Slooop - SnowFlake
a black and gold circular patch with the word,'love is in the air '
Slooop - RicardaM - Sample
a blue and white gingham pattern with the initials on it
Slooop - Bavarian - Blue/white/gold
a white christmas ornament with silver stars and a tree on the front,
Slooop - Christmas Tree - White/Silver
a white christmas ornament with silver stars and merry written on the front,
Slooop - Merry Christmas - White/Silver
a red merry christmas ornament with white stars
Slooop - Merry Christmas - Red/white
Slooop - Fleur de lis - white/white Jewellery, Fashion, Brooch, Fleur De Lis, White White, Jewelry, Lis
Slooop - Fleur de lis - white/white
a black and red patch with a fleur de lis on it
Slooop - Fleur de lis - black/red
a red round patch with a black fleur de lis design on it's center
Slooop - Fleur de lis - red/black
a white and gold fleur de lis applique on a white background
Slooop - Fleur de lis - Gold/pink