The mystery surrounding the source of the highest-energy particles known in the Universe has grown deeper.    The particles, known as cosmic rays, can show up with energies a million times higher than the biggest particle accelerators on Earth can produce.

'Extreme Universe' puzzle deepens

The mystery surrounding the source of the highest-energy particles known in the Universe has grown deeper. The particles, known as cosmic rays, can show up with energies a million times higher than the biggest particle accelerators on Earth can produce.

Fiber optics are just plain amazing. They carry data at ridiculous speeds and have a whole assortment of lighting possibilities too. There are a few main types of fiber optics including end glow and side glow (pretty self explanatory) and cheap on Ebay. It’s perfect for custom lighting solutions from ambient lighting to case mods. This DIYer placed thousands of strands throughout his ceiling to create his own solar system and outstanding custom lightin

Using thousands of fiber optic strands, this man created his own star gazing sanctuary right in his living room. There are plenty of helpful tips and pictures to guide you through the build process. Build your own star filled ceiling.

I tooke a bodkine gh & put it betwixt my eye & [the] bone as neare to [the] backside of my eye as I could: & pressing my eye [with the] end of it (soe as to make [the] curvature a, bcdef in my eye) there appeared severall white darke & coloured circles r, s, t,  Which circles were plainest when I continued to rub my eye [with the] point of [the] bodkine, but if I held my eye & [the] bodkin still, though I continued to presse my eye [with] it yet [the] circles would grow faint & often…

Isaac Newton, His Eye, and His Bodkin

Japan has invested in a series of melody roads that sing out a tune as you drive over them, as part of a new tourist attraction.

Tuesday Trivia: There is a road in Japan that plays a song as you drive over it! It is officially called a “musical road”. They are known to exist in Denmark, South Korea, and America, yet the road in Japan called Melody Road is perhaps the most famous.

Nasa's Cassini spacecraft has spied possible signs of geological activity on Saturn's icy moon Dione.    It sees features that resemble hot fissures and indications of a possible ice volcano on the satellite.

Icy Saturn moon ‘may be active’

Ringside with Dione at Saturn via the NASA Cassini Mission. Speeding toward pale, icy Dione, Cassini's view is enriched by the tranquil gold and blue hues of Saturn in the distance.

Want to listen to a poor quality, out-of-tune rendition of a famous melody when driving your car? No need for an expensive car stereo, a singing road can do this using wheel vibrations

Singing Roads--the one in Lancaster, CA plays a horrifically out-of-tune rendition of the William Tell Overture when you drive over the road grid with variable spacing and depths.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, you are about to witness a man who flies with the birds.  Meet the Human Cannonball.” Since 1877 at the Royal Aquarium in London when Zazel, a fourteen year old girl became the first human cannonball, people have gathered at circuses around the world to watch others take this  mind-blowing flight.

What is the Most Dangerous Part of Being a Human Cannonball?

“ ‘We’ll see you in France or we’ll see you in heaven!’ cried Harbo and Samuelsen out on the bay.” So begins Jerry Bryant’s not-so-famous song about the first two men to row across the Atlantic Ocean. In 1896 with no help from modern day technologies such as freeze-dried food, GPS navigation systems, radios, flashlights, nylon or even aluminum the two men rowed the 3200 miles from Brooklyn, NY to Le Havre, France. So what does this have to do with physics, or cheeseburgers?

How many cheeseburgers do you need to eat to row across the Atlantic Ocean?

The range of physical phenomena that scientists are trying to "cloak" objects from has a new entry - heat.    French researchers have shown how to apply the ideas of "optical cloaking" - the endeavour to make a Harry Potter-style cloak - to the thermal world.

'Thermal cloak' hides from heat

Researchers borrow ideas from the study of Harry Potter-style "optical cloaking" to create a thermal cloak that can in principle hide objects from heat.

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The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is operating again after its winter break.    Early on Thursday, opposing stable beams of protons were smashed into each other at four observation positions.    The total collision energy in these bunches of sub-atomic particles was eight trillion electron volts - a world record.

LHC is back with big energy boost

Graphic of a collision at full power is pictured at the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experience control room of the Large Hadron Collider (Source: Reuters)

Up to 90% of school leavers in major Asian cities are suffering from myopia - short-sightedness - a study suggests.    Researchers say the "extraordinary rise" in the problem is being caused by students working very hard in school and missing out on outdoor light.

Massive rise in Asian eye damage

Up to of school leavers in major Asian cities are suffering from myopia or short sightedness, according to a new study.

Join students around the world in this environmental study!    Students from around the globe will team up to test fresh water. Join us in this collaborative project, comparing the water quality of your local river, stream, lake or pond with other fresh water sources around the world. The focus of the project is to:    Assess the quality of water based on physical characteristics and chemical substances, and  Look for relationships and trends among the data collected by all project…

The Global Water Sampling Project

The 19th-century mathematical stringed surfaces of Theodore Olivier, and their influence on the work of Henry Moore, is the subject of a forthcoming exhibition to be held at the Royal Society and at the Science Museum's Computer and Mathematics Galleries.  The exhibition is a partnership between the the Royal Society, the Science Museum, the Henry Moore Foundation and the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences which is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Henry Moore studies for sculpture

Some people think that (scientists) are just some genius nerds in white coats, but they are actually people who are trying to live up to their dreams and learn more. No two scientists are exactly alike. So, if you want to be a scientist, be like these wonderful people and live up to your dreams.

Before-After field trip ideas.

I know scientists are just normal people with a not so normal job. . . . Scientists lead a normal life outside of being a scientist. They are interested in dancing, pottery, jogging and even racquetball. Being a scientist is just another job which can be much more exciting.

Drawings of scientists by graders before and after visiting a physics lab.