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Nikon's new, speedy premium compact DL-series cameras shoot 4K video

How to Start a Photography Business

Tips on how to start a photography business for the beginner "When I go out for a shoot, its just an hour at a time, no more than once a week. When it does trickle over into family time, I become cranky momma, and I don’t like her and neither does my family."

11 photography filters that will improve your images, and when to use them (free cheat sheet)

Deals: HP Chromebook 11, Alien boxset + SoundMAGIC earphones

10 Sites That Will Pay You For Stock Photography

Do you take pretty good pictures? If so, would you love to be able to get paid -- or even earn a full-time income -- from selling them? This post has a list of ten very reputable websites that may accept and pay cash for your high-quality photos, plus some super inexpensive resources to help you get better at photography if you're not sure your skills are up to par.

A basic guideline for where to start in manual with ISO, aperture, and shutter speed in different lighting on your DSLR. #photography

52 photography projects: A photo idea to try every week of the year

From easy home photography projects you can do today to creative long-terms projects, here are 52 fantastic photo ideas you have to try this year.

Exposure Tutorial Part Three: What is ISO?

I always forget about bloody ISO when fiddling around to try and use natural light only.

How to start a photography business: What to Charge