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The Sarcastic Muse Writing Prompts: Photo

The Three Little Javelinas is one of my favorite versions of The Three Little Pigs. With a Southwest flair, the Javalinas fend off the coyote. The 1st Javalina built his home of tumbleweeds

"Outside/Inside" .... a useful anchor chart for POV

If we only could only use one book to teach students how to read and write informational texts It’s All About MEOW is probably the text we would choose. This book is an informational text told from the cat’s point of view. If you want to show students a strong example of how to use text features, write a how-to book, incorporate narrative writing into an informational book, create a timeline and infuse voice into an informational writing. just take a look at this book – It has it all.

Common Core's Student Expectations for Point of View. RL.6 and RI.6

Point of View Flow Chart~ Good way to figure out a narrative's point of view. (picture only)

FREE Point of View Activity for Reading

These 32 Common Core Task Cards by The Teacher Next Door will help your students understand point of view using informational text. Each "Point of View" task card has a different picture of a person, object or political event and asks students to identify the point of view expressed in the picture. $ Task cards are also included in the complete Point of View Unit: www.teacherspayte...

Fearless in 5th: Whats your Point of View? Teaching Point of View. Teaching point of view. #point of view #point-of-view #character point of view #character-point-of-view #teaching point of view #teaching-point-of-view

How is Second Person Point of View useful in persuasive writing? Find out here as students learn the power of descriptive writing. Teaching point of view. #point of view #point-of-view #character point of view #character-point-of-view #teaching point of view #teaching-point-of-view

Children's book about a Cat who keeps trying to change the story the author is trying to tell. Good book for teaching students about perspective and point of view....picture only

I use this power point in my 7th grade classroom to introduce point of view. It contains explainations and examples for 1st person, 2nd person, 3rd... 7.RL.6 Analyze how an author develops and contrasts the points of view of different characters or narrators in a text.

several examples of fairy tales from another point of view

Point of View Handouts (Common Core) product from Mrs-Jacobs-Class on $

cute for point of view

learning about point of view with fractured fairy tales!

retell a famous event from an animal's or object's point of view

Great idea to teach voice and point of view.

Struggling to teach point of view to ELLs? Here's a FAB idea! Actually two FAB ideas!