Chocolate-dipped baseball Oreos

Vintage Baseball Birthday Party Ideas

White chocolate covered oreo baseballs perfect for end of season party - could do this for soccer or basketball, too! I did this with baseball sisters. And it was messy but REALLY yummy :)

baseball cupcakes

baseball cupcakes - white sprinkles and red icing this doesnt come up on this but I dont think they would be to hard

Need these!!

Baseball Cookie Cutters - I may not make cookies very often, but when I do, I want them to be baseball cookies! Melissa, do you need this cookie cutter?

OREO Baseball Dessert

OREO Baseball Dessert recipe - We guarantee you'll score one for the home team with our easy pudding-and-cookie dessert. Red licorice makes easy seams on this big-league-worthy ball.

Baseball cake pops

Baseball Cake Pops: red stitching made with Wilton red candy melts. Melted it in a bowl poured it into a piping bag piped onto the cake pop with a Wilton tip. If it hardens in the piping bag, I take of the tip microwave it for a few seconds.


baseball bento-sandwich looks like a baseball bat w/ a little apple hat & a muffin looks like a baseball. So cute!

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