Karen / Small Earth Vintage

Karen / Small Earth Vintage

gal friday at Small Earth Vintage. vintage clothing. etsy. plaid. lernen Deutsch. wool socks. dorothy parker. scotland. british sea power. classic cocktails.
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1930s floral print silk chiffon gown

1960s Mr. John tiger stripe print hat

Day ensemble consisting of a striped silk jacket, silk cropped top trimmed in stripes, and silk skirt with striped belt, 1940-1942.

1940s black cocktail dress with rhinestones and sash collar, by Paul Sachs

1960s extra large Garay floral velvet tapestry purse

1970s French hand woven wool chenille shawl, by Jacque d'Aubres

https://flic.kr/p/7JAobU | Going to the Woods ill by Charles Copeland | Naughtiness leads to trouble. From "The Little Kingdom First Reader" by Nettie Alice Sawyer, 1912, illustrated with line drawings by Charles Copeland and silhouettes by Clara P. Reynolds. Copyrighted by Nettie Alice Sawyer. Published by by Rand McNally & Co.

the condemned of altona (1961 ed., cover design by paul rand)