This is the best way to Scrapbook ever. I'm completely in love with this idea! Kind of like a homemade smash book

Mixed Paper Album/Journal/Book - a simple way to remember trips & events; combination of photo album, journal & scrap book

Memorial Jewelry, Your Actual Loved Ones Writing. Very cool.

Memorial Jewelry Your Actual Loved Ones Writing Silver Pendant Made to Order for you

Memorial Jewelry Your Actual Loved Ones Writing Silver Pendant. Love this and am going to purchase it with my mom's writing on one side and my dad's writing side on the other! Wish I had my dad here to do this.

What a very special and cool idea!  I would love to have one of my mom's or grandmothers' watches and do this! Gorgeous!!!

Upcycle vintage watches, really love this idea. A picture of mom in her old watch would be perfect! A perfect bracelet for a teenager with a picture of their favorite person or pet.all moms have old watches they haven't thrown away. What a great idea!

What to do with all your holiday cards?  Make them people's contact photos! Love this

What to Do with All Those Holiday Cards? You Tell Us

Snap cell pic of Christmas card photos for cell phone contacts! What to do with all the Photo Christmas cards from your friends and family? Make them into contact photos on your iPhone.

First letter of childs name & DOB Love this

Mommy necklace Hand stamped jewelry initial charm necklace

Gift ideas: Mommy necklace TWO letters Hand stamped jewelry initial charm necklace

Me and you @Becky Pigman

Funny Confession Ecard: Sure, I walk around the house naked with the blinds open. If you're peeking in my window, your punishment is seeing me naked. Joke's on you, motherfucker.

awesome 90's playlist

Need some workout motivation? We found the top 100 workout songs from the Pin for a powerful workout later


A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men. This is no lie. Ryan Gosling became the hottest actor in my book when I saw him in all those tailored suits in that movie!better than chocolate cake!

Remembering those who can't be there on your special day.

Palm Springs Wedding by Apertura

Remembering those who can't be there on your special day. Greatest idea going to have a picture of my Grandaddy on a chair bc he was so special and he will be there on my wedding day alive or not I will have a picture of him on a chair


Mary Katherine Gallagher

So true

I will always remember your words of wisdom & love you gave me. 💔 My Dad's guiding hand will be with me forever. Not even death can separate us. Spirit in the sky, my Angel.

Different Color Bridesmaids Shoes! @bp

Instead of white dresses, Black Dresses with colored shoes, and matching flowers. Groomsmen all black with colored tie matching the girls. Then my bouquet with all the colors mixed in.What a cute idea!