So true.

♥♥♫♪Happy Birthday to you ♪♫**¨**.**¨**♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫**¨* *.**¨**♫♪ Happy Birthday !**¨**♫♪ Happy Birthday to you!

My dog has heard the sincerest of apologies.

I Don't Always Accidentally Step on my Dog, but When I do I spend the next several minutes sincerely apologizing to him.And I still feel bad about it. So I give her treats and play with her.

Dogshaming - a hilarious site!

Dogshaming - a hilarious site! I am literally in tears laughing so hard. Ok I am sitting in carpool CRYING I am laughing SO HARD! I need to shame my pups!

DIY Cute Dog Food Storage Bins from Pinterest

DIY Pet Treat Mason Jars, instructions included (could use any glass jar with lid like spaghetti sauce jar). TOO CUTE specialized dog treat container. Gift idea too.

I laughed so hard

Reminds me so much of my dog .Read the entire sign. Laughed so hard! This is epic. That is an awesome dog.

Keeps pup pup cool & relieves boredom in the summer.

Freeze water and chicken stock with toys, carrots, treats, ect. My dog loved this in the summer! I didn't even have to use chicken stock or treats even. I just used an old bowl put some of her toys in it filled it with water and freeze overnight.