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Peaceful or not peaceful activity

Peaceful or not peaceful activity. First or second grade classroom guidance. Pair with The Peace Book by Todd Parr, Martin's Big Words, or We Are All Born Free. Timely all year but especially International Peace Day (September), or MLK Day (January).

Battery-Free Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Gift ideas - Excellent recommendations from a speech-language pathologist and mother of twin toddlers on why and how to choose developmentally stimulating, battery-free toys for babies and toddlers along with a thorough gift guide.

Dunkaroos! Can't believe we actually considered most 90s kids snacks "food."

Omg, I was OBSESSED with these! I didn't get to have a whole lot of sugary snacks/junk food as a kid, but these would pop up as a treat in my lunch every once in awhile!

35 Things You Will Never See Again In Your Life

I LOVED THESE. Those silly rubber "Poppers" that you'd flip inside out, place on a table, and watch it scare the crap out of you when it finally popped and righted itself. Admit it, you flinched every single time.