SmashFund Review

SmashFund Review

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900 Washington St, Vancouver, WA 98660 #8003  ·  While there are many crowdfunding platforms on the market today, most of them take a percentage of your donations to cover payment processing costs
SmashFund Review
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Techniques for Crowdfunding In 2017 The exemption alone isn’t a marginally substantial sum. Crowdfunding is in fact straightforward. Even informally, crowdfunding was used when folks get with each other to contribute to an individual cause like a gift or a lottery ticket pool. Crowdfunding is a superb approach to jump-start a company or idea. Donation-based …

SmashFund is the first social crowdfunding network. We've removed the limits of traditional crowdfunding and added the power of your social thumbprint! By building a community, like a social network, you have instantly engaged backers for your passion.

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