Maggie Maggio Smashing Color

Maggie Maggio Smashing Color
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Maggie Maggio Smashing Color
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A Quick Left-Right Brain Quick Test

Understanding being left handed is a mystery for some researchers and doctors. Actually understanding how our brains work could help us better adapt to the right handed world.

Left + Right Brain

Unblocked: A Guide To Making Things People Love (Part One) This seven-part series is a playbook for product leaders. It describes a philosophy of product development and the nitty-gritty process details that bring that philosophy to life.

Are you right brained or left brained? Which direction do you see the figure spinning? Check to see which you are (I'm right...)

do you see the girl turning clockwise or anti-clockwise? If you see the girl turning clockwise, then you are right-brained. (me) If you see the girl turning anti-clockwise, then you are left-brained

Creativity: left and right brain

The latest findings from the real neuroscience of creativity suggest that the right brain/left brain distinction is not the right one when it comes to understanding how creativity is implemented in the brain