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Using Grocery Flyers To Practice Math Skills

You can use grocery store flyers to teach and practice math skills in the classroom. Wonderful ideas here!!

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Teaching Area Using Applied Math

Teaching area is engaging and authentic with this hands-on applied math activity! Students arrange furniture to find the area and perimeter of their house.

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Place Value Toss

Place Value Toss is one of my favorite games to play when teaching and reviewing place value. It's hand on, engaging, and the kids love it. You can read all about how to play it on my blog.

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First Week of School Activity: Division Math Fact Review Collaboration Poster

Math + Art = Fun!!! These LARGE (35" x 35") group coloring math fact review posters are a BIG hit with students and make a beautiful display in your school!

Place Value -Last Man Standing Game /CCS Gr 2, but can be adapted to other grade quite easily. Great for interpreting place value

How to Teach Place Value in Math

How to teach Place Value in Math with this easy game. More math with movement activities for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade and beyond.

Place value war - arrange into what they believe is the highest place value, and include speed to make it more challenging.

Distributive Doctor Activities {distributive property of multiplication}

More Time 2 Teach: FUN and ENGAGING way to teach the Distributive Property... Students will understand how the property works and have fun doing it!

Fraction strips! Teaches students to put the basic fractions in order by using swimming pool noodles to show the fractions in comparison to each other!

To help students establish a math community. This is essential for our three part math lessons.